Get feedback.

Say goodbye to traditional surveys… Mandy AI is your ultimate feedback tool.

Send text or email questions to your team. Instantly get crucial insights on their responses, and get customized action steps tailored to you, through the power of artificial intelligence.

How Mandy Works

1. Send your question.

Our simple survey tool allows you to easily send text-message or email questions to your team. Responses are anonymous and don't require logging in to a separate program... they simply text or email you right back.

2. We analyze the feedback for you... the instant it arrives.

We do the heavy lifting of classifying feedback according to the main issues people talked about, the emotions behind their responses, and even show you risk factors that can contribute to disengagement or turnover, all through the power of artificial intelligence.

3. Take action.

Mandy AI shows you what actions to take based on team feedback, with deep-research AI customized to position you and your team for success.

What people are saying

My team has had a pronounced increase in engagement since I started using The result is a consistent growth in revenue and profit, month over month.
Franchise owner-operator
I don't know where I'd be without your product. You literally saved my job. You gave me the data to show my boss we were actively improving.
Pharmaceutical sales manager

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